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PLYMOUTH, CT - 25 Nov. 2008 - 112508KM01 - Terryville firefighters test the light tower of their new rescue truck at the fire house. The truck was delivered Tuesday afternoon. It was purchased for $380,000, including a $25,000 trade in for the old rescue truck, which the department bought in 1986. The truck was custom built by Rescue 1 in New Jersey. Firefighters said the new truck has more room for rescue equipment and is lower to the ground, making it safer for them to get in and out of the vehicle. The light tower, which the old truck did not have, provides rescue personnel adequate lighting at the scene of accidents and other incidents. The new truck also comes equipped with a Jaws of Life device, allowing the department to transfer a portable extrication device from the old truck to the Fall Mountain fire house. That means all three fire companies in town now have an extrication device, commonly used to cut open vehicles to remove passengers from vehicles in bad car accidents. Kurt Moffett Republican-American