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BRISTOL/FORESTVILLE, CT.- 26 JUNE 2009-062609DA08- Bette Moore, center stands with her son, left and Clifford P. Block, right,  during services for Moore's late fiancée Sgt.1st Class Clifford May, a veteran of the Korean War who was killed when he was serving his country at the age of twenty two in North Korea. The veterans remains were returned along with 208 other boxes of bones in 1997, but those remnants were only identified through DNA in 2007. Clifford P. Block, right, is the nephew Sgt.1st Class Clifford May which he was named after. Services were held at The O'Brien Funeral Home in Bristol/Forestville and burial at West Cemetary in Plainville Wednesday.    (I do not have the names of the sons)<br />
 Darlene Douty Republican-American