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Naugatuck, CT- 22 July 2013-072213CM05- Margo Scott, far left, June Ottowell, center, of Naugatuck share a laugh with Richard Brito, 17,  of Naugatuck and a Kaynor Tech High School student at the Naugatuck Senior Center on Monday. Scott and Ottowell were knitting newborn baby blankets, which will be donated to an area hospital, Brito was weaving a winter hat.  Brito learned how to weave and crochet from the women at the senior center, which was part of the New Opportunities Inc. of Waterbury  Summer Youth Program.  "It's very calming." Brito said. "I never thought I'd be doing this."  He added the experience at the Senior Center has taught him patience and helped him deal with the public.  Brito calls bingo, gardens, answer phones, works with the public, serves lunch and has host of other duties said Director Harvey Leon Frydman.  The Senior Center has been working with New Opportunities for 6 years and has provided students with jobs for 6 weeks during the center.  "We help them find their first job." said Frydman.    "Our seniors are willing to share their time, their expertise, their wisdom and their skills."  said Harvey. At the end of the summer, Frydman said the center will make a resume for Brito and serve as a reference for him.    Christopher Massa Republican-American